Monday, January 16, 2012

Letter #34 1/16/12 Transfer to the mainland!

Wow, a lot has happened since last monday. First of all, Elder Garcia and i had an excellent week of finding and teaching our investigadors. We found a family of escogidos thats going to get baptised early in the week, and had a lot of people progressing. We started teaching started teaching elglish classes as well which was a blast and had a great turnout of english hungary mexicans. I taught them how to do the basics and thats about all they good handle for one day. When i say the basics i mean hello, goodbye, how are you, and where are you from. But they were all great. Thursday we were contacting and i found out that one of my neighbors is American!! Hes lived here 5 years and knows zero spanish and we had a good hour long conversation about religoun. Turns out he has some pretty intresting ideas about God but he said hed gladly read a Book of Mormon if i could find one in english. Saturday A got baptised!! I was the lucky one who got to baptise her and everything was great. Theres a great story about how we found her but its too long. Saturday was also the day when we found out the changes. They let me know in the morning that i was getting changed! Big surprise since i only had 1 change in San Jose. Sunday i gave a talk in church, and enjoyed my last dinner in San Jose with my a great family. This morning Elder Garcia and i got up early to run and take pictures of the sunrise one last time and 4 hours latter my plane landed in los mochis, and from there we took the 45 minute bus ride which lead me here in Ahome.

Sinaloa is awesome! Its definately really different than Los Cabos, but im looking forward to serving the Lord here. My companions name is Elder Cardenas. Hes from Mexico, i forgot the state, but hes great. He has a little more than a year and is incredibly nice. Im looking forward the this next change and from what i can see im going to love it here.

I hope that you all had a great week. Thanks for the letters you sent. Elder John extended his mission and i never saw him so i couldnt give him my card but im going to look at my options here. I took a ton of videos for you guys. All reallly small, but its something. Thanks for sending me the pictures!! I love getting pictures. Keep it up por favor. Love you all, Adios!!

Elder Mecham

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