Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter #39 2/20/12 Motorcycle ride

Hola familia, sorry for writing so late, we had a huge zone activity in Mochis, it ended a little late, and the bus took forever to bring us back to Ahome. Thanks for all you´re emails!! It always makes me happy to see that i have a good number of emails. Hope you all had fun at the cabin!! I´m looking forward to seeing you´re pictures. Mom, i hope you were´nt too lonely at home when dad was in Sacramento but i´m excited to hear how the BYU game turned out!

This week was pretty good. No baptism.... Hermana T is awesome and everything but we´re considering dropping her because she hasn´t been to church for 3 weeks! She lives pretty far, but neighbors are members and she knows that they´ll give her a ride if she says she´s going to go. We actually had a pretty interesting experience yesterday before and during church. We haven´t had investigadors in church the last 3 weeks so this week we were determined to bring EVERYONE. And we litterally did everything possible in order to accomplish it. Sunday morning we did splits so that we could personally go and pick up 2 seperate families with rides. Elder Cardenas went to little ranch extremely far while i stayed somewhat close and went with another member in his car to pick up a niƱo who wants to get baptised. We both went, and neither of the people were in their houses, so we went to church, arriving just in time for our talks, and once we were done speaking we left again to hunt down our investigadors. We went with a couple more families, they couln´t go.. And then we went with a family that we just found last week. The mom was doing her laundry and told us she was really busy, so we helped her finish everything and brought her to church so she could enjoy the last 10 minutes of Relief Society. And she loved it!! I´d say it was a miracle that we were able to bring anyone so we were both very pleased.

We´ve had a lot of investigadors that have had a lot of trouble with their families. They don´t support their decisions to get baptised or don´t even want us visiting them. It´s tough because we talk all day to the people about how the family is most important and all God wants is that our families can be happy, and their own parents and husbands are keeping them from being baptised. Elder Cardenas and I have been focusing a lot in finding scriptures to help these people out but so we´ll see how it goes.

This week we caught our first ride on a motorcycle!! One 15 year kid and 2 missionaries all on the same bike. Wow would i love to have taken a picture. Speaking of pictures, sorry i haven´t sent any. We haven´t had much time. Well i´m going to go but thanks for everything. I love you all and i hope you know how greatful i am for all that you do. Oh and thankyou Aunt Marcie and Melanie for writing me! Love hearing from you guys.

Elder Mecham

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