Monday, April 9, 2012

Letter #46 4/09/12 Happy Easter and Transfer!

Landon's birthday packages from grandma and mom!  Love the "birthday brownie" with candles!

No idea who these men are!  This is the first picture yet that Landon has been in his suit!

Looks like a wonderful family, taking care of our missionary!!

Hope you guys all had a fantastic week! And a great Easter!!! How exciting! First Easter of my life that the Easter Rabbit didn´t come... Nobody really believes in that here. But all is well here in Angostura. That´s right, Angostura. I left my farm town paradise!!! But it´s alright, the Lord definitely knows how to make me happy because he stuck me in another area almost the same!! The only difference is that here we only have a little branch and not a ward, and that there´s members here with washers. Last change i washed by hand every week.. I´m pretty excited. From what i´ve heard the area is massive here as well and we do a lot of traveling in the back of trucks. I was a little sad when i found out i was leaving Ahome but now that i´ve arrived here i´m pretty excited to meet knew people and see more places.

We had a pretty decent week in Ahome, despite the fact that there was absolutely nobody!!! It was "semana santa" and EVERYONE goes to the beach for basically the entire week. We had a lot of fallen appointments and also had a lot of problems finding rides because all the trucks were heading to the beach and jam packed of food and beer for the week. But Elder Peterson and I had a nice last week of working together. I feel like we ended the change really close friends. My new companion is Elder Calleja. He´s from Mexico City and has a few months in the mission. I´m looking forward to working with him, from what i can tell he´s incredibly humble and is going to be great. Sadly, we never had a baptism last change, but this change we´re going to work like crazy and see if we can recieve a blessing or 2. I plan on printing off a few of the Conference talks today since i couldn´t really see anything last week. I´m super stoked to work here and continue serving the lord.

Thanks again for the package, for the next one you send there´s really not anything special that i need. Well i love you guys a ton, have a wonderful week and stick strong to the Gospel!

Elder Mecham

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