Monday, April 30, 2012

Letter #49 4/30/12 Baptism!!

This last week was great. We spent the whole week working with the 3 baptismal dates that we had. I cant remember if i had already told you about an investigador named A, but he got baptised!! The other 2 fell through, but i'm so incredibly happy for A! The whole week he was stoked for his baptism, but thursday we went to visit him and the first thing he told us was "i'm not going to get baptised tomorrow". I won't lie, i was a little bit worried, but we shared a few scriptures, listened to the spirit, and we able to resolve all his concerns and when we left his house thursday he couldn't wait to get baptised the next day. We had a few problems friday, first of all A lives 30 minutes away from the prayer house and has no way to transport himself so we had to find him a ride. Second, we don't have a baptism font, just a giant tarp that you put inside a metal cage and fill with water from hose. Normally that's not a problem, but Friday happened to be the only day in the history of Angostura that they decided to try to fix a few pipage problems and shut down the water for the entire morning! The whole day friday we were running around trying to find a source of water and there was nothing. The third problem was that the branch doesn't have any baptismal clothes. It was definately the most stress i've had in my whole mission but the whole time i knew that it was all going to work out okay. In the end, they ended up turning the water on in time to fill the font half full for his baptism, he's a heavy guy and it was extremely hard pulling him out while he was in a straight soldier position. We were also able to find clothes and a ride. I can honestly say that every prayer i said that day was answered. I have a stronger testimony that God loves us and is always going to provide us with what we need if we are diligent. But i was so happy to have a baptism!!
We have a few more reallly potential investigadors that we're hoping will get baptised in this next month. This last week we found a teenager named M, he came to church yesterday and loved it, even though he was the only teenage boy there. He's 15 years old and is awesome. I've always enjoyed teaching younger people. Here, the kids are a lot more intelligent than the adults and tend to comprehend the gospel pricipals a lot better. This week a member of the Seventy is going to come and speak to us! Everyone is pretty excited, i can't remember who it is but í'll be sure to tell you.
Thanks for all the emails and for sending that package, i'm sure everything you sent will be perfect. I've really enjoyed this change so far. I've had a great time with Elder Calleja. We are 2 really different people but we have a blast together and are working super hard. It's nice to have a companion you can joke around with, we're hoping to have a good second have of the change together and have more baptisms!! Well love you all, thanks Grandma and Grandpa for the email!! Have a wonderful semana!!! Elder Mecham

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