Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter #47 4/16/12 Angostura!

Hey everyone, thanks for writing me! I had a good week of getting to
know the members and investigadors here and all the area. The area
here is huge!! Here in Angostura we have the prayer house, but in a
little pueblito about 40 minutes from here we have an extension
sacrament meeting every sunday, so we go to both. In the meeting here
there are about 30 people that go, and in the extension there are
about 15 or 20. Yesterday we were busy with the church meetings all
day until 6 in the afternoon. The extension is litterally in the
middle of nowhere. You drive about 25 mintues on a highway heading
into pure corn feilds until you hit a tiny little city made up of
about 50 houses, and from there you take a dirt road heading into what
looks like nowhere for 15 minutes until we arrive to the city were we
have the extension. It´s incredibly small, but the people are great.

We have a few really potential investigadors right now. B is a
girl that lives in the extension city. She wants to get baptised but
needs to get married first but before she can do that her boyfriend
needs to get divorced... But she´s awesome!! We also had a cool
experience yesterday with an investigator. We found him thursday
and invited him to church. We passed by his house sunday morning to
remind him and he said he coulnd´t go, but we promised him that if he
goes he´ll feel something amazing and we love it but he still wouldn´t
commit and we left. About half way into the sacrament meeting he
walked in and said he felt it was what he needed to do. After the
sacrament meeting he told us he felt great and wants to keep coming
every week! He should get baptised really soon.

Elder calleja is great. He works hard and we get along great. And the
best part about being here is that Elder Garcia( my first companion)
is my zone leader!!! He´s awesome!! I have so much love and respect
for him and i´m glad i´m going to get to learn even more from him.
Well i hope you all have a wonderful week, love you all!!!

Elder Mecham

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