Monday, April 23, 2012

Letter #48 4/23/12 Happy Birthay Mckell!

Hola familia! Hope everyone had an amazing week! Wow how exciting! Mckell's birthday, lexi leaving to Spain, how awesomw! Thanks a ton mom for awnswering my questions, i'm looking forward to reading all that. Since i started my mission i've been really interested in the history of the church. This week was pretty normal, but it was a great week. I'm really enjoying it here in Angostura. The heat is getting pretty intense here but it's not slowing down the work. Elder Calleja is a trooper and we're getting along great. This last week we started doing spinning classes! Haha there's a small gym next to our house and we've been going every other morning. It's no Abby at lifetime but i'm pretty happy just to have the oppurtunity to go.
This past week we challenged a lot of people to get baptised, we actually have 4 baptismal dates for this Friday. I will be SO happy if we can just get away with 2. Our investigador most potential is named A. He's awesome but doesn't really talk much so it's hard to know exactly what he needs. He has a date this Friday and right now he is saying that he's super excited. One problem is that he lives really far from our house so we haven't been able to visit him as much as we'd like. He goes to the extension of the branch. And yes it's true, the extension is held underneath the shadow of a giant tree, and the bathroom is a hole in the ground surrounded by bed sheets. But all the people that go are great. We bless the sacrament every week and it sound like we also speak every other week. This week we're going to focus a lot of our attention in A and trying to help him get prepared. We've been praying a ton for him so that we can know how we can help him get prepared. After teaching him the 10 commandments i asked why he was going to keep them and he said so that he could get baptised. He's super excited, but we have to keep doing our part so that everything works out. One thing i've learned in the mission is that God seriously answers prayers when we have a real intent. I've been trying every day to pray with more desire and i've been able to feel myself grow so much, yet i still feel like i have a ton i need to improve. 

This past week the President of Angostura gave us a ride. It was pretty sweet. Also, about the whole mothers day phone call. Mothers day here is the 10th of May. I'm not sure if the call will be on the 10th or on the Sunday, but you should try to keep both days open. Sounds like the package made it home!!! I hope you enjoyed all the fotos and videos i took. Each video was filmed with much love. If your wondering about the game that's not there it wouldn't fit so i'm saving it for the next one. Well love you all!!! Hope you all have an amazing week. Love Elder Mecham

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