Thursday, June 23, 2011

#4- 06/23/11 An exciting week at the MTC!!

Hey family!!
Me gusta la MTC. Y Me Gusta apreder espaniol. Y gracias for la cartas y packages. We're on an inglish fast right now!! Marcie sent me some really good brownie things last week, and grandma sent me bannana bread!! And thanks for those brownies you sent. New Recipee! It was muy bueno. I had a few of them then gave the rest to our new district. Brandon and Taylor aren't in in.. But i saw brandon! It was probably right after he got here, but they were in a hurry to get someplace so i just gave him a big hug and told him i'd find him later. Still haven't seen him yet though.. And i still haven't seen Taylor! I'm sure i'll see him soon though. There's a chance they will be on my same meal and gym schedule. That'd be awesome, we could play futbol together!!
Thanks for the San Francisco treats! I'm pretty jealous that you guys saw a coyote. I hear the NBA draft is tonight!! I can't wait to hear where Jimmer goes. So we lost 4 members of our district to the Peru MTC this week. I'm pretty sad to see them leave. I really liked every one of them. Things are going to be a lot more quiet now.. not so happy about that. And i here the Peru MTC is pretty tough.. they won't be speaking any english, which is crazy. They're no better than i am at spanish and i know i would be completely lost. But our new district we got seem pretty cool. About the other elders in my room. There's Elder Crisp and Elder shipp. Elder Crisp is from the San Diego area and Elder shipp is from Idaho. Elder shipp went to BYU and i don't know about Crisp. They're both pretty quiet, but really nice of course. The other 3 in our district are also pretty quiet.. I like all of them though.
So this weekend is extremely exciting! They've been having this Mission President training thing for all the new mission presidents this week, and i guess there's been some apostles and members of the presidency here. And either tomorrow, sunday, or tuesday, they're going to speak to us. I can't wait! And even more awesome is that Elder Nordfelt and I are going to be passing the sacrament at their meeting on sunday! It's a pretty big deal. We were just walking to lunch one day last week and the MTC president stopped our district and we all talked to him, then he pulled us apart from our district and asked us if we'd pass the sacrament. We don't know whose going to be there but i guess there's going to be some pretty high up people. We had a practice for it last night and we'll be having another practice saturday night.
Having the President training thing has made this place crazy. Lunches and Dinners are JAM packed. Yesterday, the line went out the door and wrapped around the building. 10 times worse than chuck a rama. I just got cereal, and ate all the food you guys have been giving me. I'll probable be living off my stash of snacks for the next few days. We also can't use the Gym this whole week so everybody goes outside. Soccer has been insane. There'll be at least 20 people on a team. It's not too fun..
The MTC basically just keeps getting better and better. It keeps going by faster, and i feel like i'm learning a ton. I'm loving reading el libro de mormon!! And i'm improving on my spanish. We've been teaching all our lessons in spanish and i think i'm getting a lot better. Yesterday we taugh this volenteer (fake investigator). She was probable 95 years old and she literally fell asleep when we were teaching her the plan of salvation. I kind of had to yell to wake her up... She was really nice though. But she denied us when we asked her to get baptised... oh well
We don't get much free time on p-days.. but i hope you guys have an awesome week!!
Love Landon

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