Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letter #3- June 16, 2011

Dear family, thanks for the pillow!! My sleep has been a million times better. And thanks for all the packages!! The killbournes gave me some healthy snacks which made me really happy. And thanks for the tie Dad! It's probably my new favorite and it will definitely bring out my eyes. haha. Mom i was going to tell you i can't upload pictures so i need to send them in the mail. How do i do that? I haven't heard from mckell.
This week has been awesome! Mostly because it went by extremely fast. And also because i got a ton of mail which is awesome! And i feel like i've learned a ton! The spanish is definitely getting better. Elder Nordfelt and i taught almost the entire first lesson in spanish. We taught our zone leaders who've been here 3 weeks longer than us and we were pretty much at their same level. It's really hard teaching in spanish though. I'm not able to say everything i want to so the lessons aren't quite as good. We're going to keep focusing on teaching in English so that we can actually teach well. I'm also really starting to love our teachers! We have 2 different teachers and they each teach us once a day for about 3 hours. They're both pretty young and they teach us a ton and are a blast.
To answer all of your questions, my biggest challenge is probably teaching in spanish, It's really frustrating and also sitting down all day. I get so sick of our room. It's in the basement and so there's not that much light and i feel like i'm locked up. But whenever we can we go outside to study. The food is still pretty good. They have really good wraps, all sorts of cereal, and a lot of fruit. I usually try to stay away from the main entre every meal. I hear the meat is not good for your stomach. Waking up early isn't too hard but i'm tired every day and it's definately a struggle to stay awake during our study time. And also i share all my treats with my zone. There's no way i could eat all of that so i give a lot away but they're all really thankful. And i still have a giant box of food sitting on my desk. I've definately gotten the most packages than anyone in my district and i get more a week than anyone in the zone. It's awesome! And no i'm not really feeling homesick, but i do miss everyone. I love hearing from everybody! And Elder Nordfelt went to Snow college. Me and him are still getting along great and becoming really good friends.
I played soccer twice this week! i'm actually getting better, but i'm still not ready to play with the mexicans. I need a lot of practice. I'm really enjoying giong outside and getting some sun. It kind of feels like you're in the real world. I always expect to see lexi or mckell drive by when i'm out there though.. haha.
Also i've been doing my perfect push-up a ton! i think i'm getting stronger. haha. Elder Nordfelt and I took measurements of our chests, arms, and waists and we're going to do it every week and see how much we change. I think he's already gotten a lot bigger since last week, but he was already really skinny. I'm mostly just hoping that my chest and arms don't get that much smaller and my waist stays the same. haha but we'll see.
I'm pretty bummed that i missed Brandon's farewell! I'll bet he did awesome. And i'm mad i can't see Taylor's! But i can't wait to see them in a week! I'm going to do everything i can do find them on wednesday. One of our districts left on tuesday and so now we only have 2 districts. I'm really hoping that one of them is in the new district coming in next week! that'd make me sooo happy. We'd be able to talk to eachother all the time.
The MTC is pretty cool but i can't wait to get to mexico!! i want to be in the real world and not sit all day. But I'm enjoy my time here for sure. I love you guys!! And keep writing me please!!
Love Landon

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