Thursday, June 9, 2011

Second Letter: MTC June 9, 2011

I can't believe it's been a week!! It has gone by really fast. But it also feels like i've been here forever. Mom, i'm glad you're done with school!! Now you can devote all your time to sending me amazing packages :) haha. I've had more than enough food. I think i've gotten the most packages out of anybody so Thanks! And tell grandma thanks too!! Those peanut butter things are delicous. Oh and Mckell's muffins were amazing! And thanks dad for the Dallas Miami updates. I sooo hop Dallas wins!! You should definately write me after every game and tell me everything.
This morning we went to the temple which was really nice. Then i got a haircut! The first thing our president said to me was that i needed a haircut. Haircuts are amazing!! All the girls that cut your hair are really pretty. I really enjoyed talking to someone who's outside the MTC world. And now i'm doing my laundry which sucks because it's really crowded. How often should I wash my pants??
This week we've learned a ton. We've also started teaching fake investigators which has been pretty hard. We're supposed to talk as much in spanish as possible which makes things really hard. Elder Nordfelt and I have been studying a ton so that we can do better. I've learned a lot more about him and we're becoming good friends. He likes a lot of the same things as me and i also learned he was the Hunter High SBO president. He's really nice. When you write me i want to hear all about the family and what you guys have been doing. You should also tell all my friends to write me! Brandon and Joe are the only honest ones. I wish i could go to brandon's farewell so bad!!
They keep us insanely busy. Every day i just look forward to 930 when i can change and relax for a bit. But I'm seriously so excited to get to mexico and baptise mexicans!! We have a teacher that is extremely motivating and has helped us a ton to get excited. My whole district is pretty awesome. To anwser your questions there are 4 people in my room and all of us are going to Culiacan. There there are 3 other companionships in our district and 2 of them are leaving to peru in 2 weeks, which sucks because i really like those guys. One of them is giving me a lot of fashion tips. If you want to send me ties you should send purples and greys. I guess they bring out my eyes. And the other companionship is going to mexico somewhere. We are all on the same floor of our and are rooms are pretty close. Our whole zone is about half the floor and we're all spanish speaking. There's 3 districts in our zone and we're zone 1 which is pretty cool because there's a lot of zones here.
Soccer was no bueno. I'm the worst soccer player in the world. If i play again it's going to be because i'm sick of being inside. That's the good thing about soccer is that the field is between the MTC and the temple so it kind of feels like you're out in the world. I'm really enjoying learning everything though. The devotionals have been awesome and there's always a really strong spirit. Everybody is also really nice. I also really like our personal study time, but it's not near long enough. We have so much things to study but not enough time. It can get pretty frustrating.
Since i've been here i've seen a lot of kids from alta. I've seen both Kyle Davis and Austin Metcalf and have gotten to talk to them a little. I'm so excited for Brandon and Taylor to get here!! If we have the same lunch or anything then we can see eachother every day.
My only complaint about this place is that they only allow me one pillow. I found another pillow case and i filled it with some clothes i'm not using and i use that for my head, then i use the pillow they give me for my legs. If it's possible for you to send me a pillow you should definately consider it. I love you guys!! Keep writing me cause i love mail!
Love ya!!

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