Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Letter!!! 6/4/2011

hola familia!!
It's not my p day today but they are giving us time to do laundry so we get to email! Our p day is thursday. Holy cow these past couple days have been insane. We've been so busy! I have a ton to learn. We've jumped right into learning the language and i really don't remember as much as i thought i did. I'm also not very good at teaching lessons. I can't really even do it in english so it's going to be impossible in spanish. I'm also pretty tired. We sit in the same room all day. We eat breakfast then we go to our classroom and study and really stay there all day. But i'm learning a ton.
My companion's name is Elder Nordfelt! He's awesome. He's from west valley and is a lot like me. He likes hiking, biking, and climbing. Our whole district is really outdoorsy and i've talked to a lot of them about what they like to do. Elder Nordfelt's dad is an institute teacher at U of U so he knows a ton about the gospel. I feel like i don't know that much compared to him so i guess it's good he's my companion. But we get a long really good. We have 12 people in our district. 8 of us are all going to Culiacan and the rest are going to peru. They'll be leaving to the peru MTC in 3 weeks. Our zone has 3 districts and most everyone is going to mexico. One district has been here 3 weeks and the other has been here 7. They're all a lot of fun and i think i can learn a lot from them. Yesterday we had our first gym time. I started out playing some basketball but we could only play 3 on 3 half court and it can't get too competitive. It wasn't really that fun and so i just went and ran around the track and lifted a little. But i think today we might play soccer to prepare us for mexico.
Thanks for the packages! The brownies are delicious. And tell aunt marcie thanks. That chex stuff is the best! Also thanks for writing me. Your letters sent twice and i also got a letter from joe jack so the first day i got six letters and nobody else in my district got anything. I also got those 2 packages the next day and now my companion is convinced i have a girlfriend. Haha. We also can't listen to any music in the MTC. It's going to be pretty tough. Also the food is pretty decent. I've been eating a lot of sandwhiches and salads. The main entres look like they might give you a heart attack. And for breakfast they have all you can eat oatmeal and grits every day!! It's pretty awesome. And they have a ton of fruit.
I'm starting to realize that i have a ton to learn and i'm going to have to work really hard. It seems like most of my district is already ahead of me so i need to catch up. I think the MTC is going to be okay but it's going to seem like a really long time. Well i love you guys! let me know if anything awesome happens this week. like dallas beating Miami.